Buying a Home with Southern Dreams Realty

There are certain milestones in your life that you will never forget, buying your first home or dream home is one of them. Whether this is your first home or your last home, having a trusted real estate agent to guide you through the process will not only protect your largest purchase, but also allow you to enjoy the home buying process.

Southern Dreams Realty and our agents can confidently guide you through the process because of our knowledge, experience and overall customer service. Feel confident that you are being fully represented from financing to post closing. You want someone who is looking out for you and your best interests. Our agents are 100% committed to you and finding the best deal and right house for you and your family.

Home Buying Process

Buying a house may seem as easy as finding a home, securing your financing and receiving your keys. Knowing the overall process can prepare you for the steps you can expect and create a much smoother and less stressful home buying process.

Securing Financing

Hiring the right lender is one of the most important decisions to make during your home buying process. You will be in constant contact with your lender and continuously providing important information and documents to them. Southern Dreams Realty partners with several lenders that we have worked with over the years and can recommend if you are looking for a trustworthy partner. Getting pre-approved can give you confidence and the upper-hand in negotiations when you find your dream home.

Home Search

Looking at potential homes can be fun, but also the most important part of the home buying process. Your real estate agent is an intricate part of finding your dream home. Your agent has access to available homes as soon as they come on the sales market. Your agents is able to view information about homes not available to the public and can schedule home viewings quickly so you don’t miss an opportunity at buying the best home for you.


You and your agent have found the right home for you. Time to put your agent to work. Southern Dreams Realty and our agents are trained in negotiating to ensure you get the right home at the right price. Knowledge of the market and your financial needs equips your agent to work for you and the most desirable outcome.


Your dream home looks amazing on the outside, but do you know what is going on behind the scenes? Inspections and repairs are important to ensure your largest purchase is not your largest headache in the future. Southern Dreams Realty and our agents have partnered with companies to help put you at ease. Your agent can recommend contractors and inspectors to assess the overall homed, potential termite damage, HVAC, roof, plumbing and determine the need for any specialized inspections. Know what you are buying and your agent is trained in negotiating any needed repairs with he seller to ensure your new home is move in ready.


The day you have been waiting for, Closing Day! Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced real estate attorney can save you from legal issues in the future. Southern Dreams Realty and our agents partner with professional real estate attorneys to work directly with your lender and ensure a smooth closing.

Southern Dreams Realty agents would love the opportunity to answer any questions and go over the home buying process in detail. When hiring a real estate agent, hire the best, hire Southern Dreams Realty.